March 15, 2010

the only damage this car bomb will do is to your waistline.

Erin go bragh, may the road rise up to meet you, oh Danny boy. It is officially the week of St. Patty and in a family where people are named after Irish cities, descendants and a little old Irish man from one of my mother's favorite movies, it is celebrated on the same level as Thanksgiving.  We are not allowed to put up Easter decorations until the shamrocks are taken down and apparently eleven pounds of corned beef is waiting to be consumed by no more than seven people at my parents' house this year (dare I mention the beef that is being corned in my fridge because someone felt the need to "make it from scratch?").  Naturally, the amount of meat combined with the pounds of potatoes, cabbage and Irish soda bread is not enough to completely pop the buttons on your pants.  Dessert must be had with that Bailey's spiked coffee or after-dinner Guinness!

Although tempted, I did not create a dessert from potatoes and cabbage.  Although, that intrigues...maybe next year I'll make an attempt.  I have another special dessert waiting in the wings but will not be able to post it in time for the holiday.  That will come after.  However, let's start the celebration early with these beauties!  For a very Irish friend's birthday last year, I wanted to tap into his heritage and love of the drink.  Like I said, he's Irish.  So I thought that there must be a Car Bomb inspired cupcake and lo, there was.  There are several, actually, but this was very true to the drink with the stout, whiskey and Bailey's.  As you will see in the recipe, the whiskey in the ganache is optional but if you wear your green heart on your sleeve, I highly suggest adding it.  As for the cute little cookie cutter for the centers, I wish I owned one but I usually push down or core out the center with a paring knife.  Such a professional, I know.  These were definitely enjoyed but if you are looking to get a buzz off of a cupcake, you are probably not that interested in making these and may as well go pour yourself the liquid version instead.

Extra stout cupcakes frosted with Kahlua frosting (subbed for Bailey's):

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Allison said...

you made extras, right? i wouldn't mind having one for breakfast today.